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    Jersey STANDARD
    Jersey STANDARD
    Standard version: Material Rice, raglan sleeves finished with cuffs, collar trapeze. The side panels are from mesh material Drymax. This type of jersey is without padding.
    Fit: Unisex
    Jersey SPECIAL
    Jersey SPECIAL
    Standard version: Material Twill 230, raglan raglan sleeves finished with cuffs and the hole for a thumb, trapezoidal collar. Side panels, inserts in the sleeves and yoke at the back of the collar are made of mesh material Drymax. This type of jersey can be ordered with padded shoulders, elbows and chest. Elbow can amplify polyester fabric Techno and sleeves can be terminated stitched glove.
    Fit: Unisex
    Head Scarf
    Standard version: Coolmax material, anatomical shape, double band around the head.
    Fit: Unisex
    Standard version: Material Wind, on the forehead sewn short cut fleece material for better moisture management.
    Fit: Unisex
  • Sizes

    Paintbalový dres
    A B C D
    S 80 54 68 15
    M 84 60 71 15
    L 87 64 75 15
    XL 89 68 79 15
    XXL 91 74 81 17
    3XL 93 80 81 17

    Dimensions are given in centimeters.

  • Materials

    Composition: 100% polyester
    Weight: 200 g/m2

    Strong and breathable material, which is due to its properties mainly intended for use in contact sports. The material is made from thicker polyester fibers that provide greater strength and durability of the fabric. Thanks to the stitch pattern in knitt, material is breathable and helps remove perspiration better. Because it is a knitted fabric, this material is still partly flexible even without addition of elastane. Thanks to this it's provides greater freedom of movement. This is our most common material used for hockey jerseys.

    Composition: 100% polyester
    Weight: 230 g/m2

    Stiff and functional material with good moisture management. Excels with greater strength and resistance of the knit and thanks to smooth surface even the small details of print will excel.

    Composition: 100% polyester
    Weight: 110 g/m2

    Lightweight mesh material with high permeability, without elastane. Used in jerseys as supplementary material for the part where the emphasis is on rapid extraction. Thanks to great strength is also used as pocketing and lining fabric.

    Composition: 100% polyester
    Weight: 170 g/m2

    Strong polyester fabric, which is due to its properties suitable for applications requiring high strength and durability. The material is flexible and is well mechanically durable.

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